Tuesday, March 16, 2004

my original first blog entry....

So, my friend Tracy is recording her thoughts, so I thought I might join her, not really sure what a blog is or if anyone actually reads this stuff, but here goes, here I am - a christian, saved, married to a muslim, with two children whom we home educate, I have my annual inspection on Thursday, I have valiantly tried to resist since I know they have no power to visit, but "they" have bullied me into it and I await their intrusion into our home with some trepidation. I feel its all part of the grand, master plan to make us all the same, to make us (or our children) fit the same size, government controlled boxes, making us think and behave in a way that is acceptable to "them" - but of course they don't know The One who is really in control - my Heavenly Father, who knows the begining from the end, what a relief to know that He knows all things, and indeed that all things work together for good. Anyway, the children won't be here, they are going to a piano lesson with their dad, I won't allow the inspecTOR to look at their work, so really what on earth is the point of her coming - what a waste of money. My mum leaves for Siberia next week, I will miss her when she leaves, she will be away until November at least, by which time we will have a new baby in the family - my sister, not me sadly.
Well, thats enough jottings for today, tomorrow I will see if I can find my way here again. I suppose its rather like a diary.