Wednesday, March 18, 2009

7 months.....

is a long time in the blog sphere, not as long as a week in politics maybe.

i have no excuse, well, that's not strictly true, we haven't had any internet at home for several months, i am, even now, using our lovely daughters dongle thingy, we also don't have a decent computer. i am hoping that these things will soon change and i will be more diligent in my jottings.

anyway, by Gods' grace i am still here, still healthy - having recovered from breaking my hand not once but twice in the space of one month! Life is generally good even though money is, as always, tight, just goes to show that money does not bring happiness, peace or contentment, i have all three of those thanks to my Heavenly Father and my salvation. as we come to Easter i suppose it's more natural for most to think about the Crucifixion, well, apart from the children in our children's meeting/sunday school - they think about the eggs, probably alot of people think it's about the eggs. anyway, for me it's about the Resurrection as well as the crucifixion, without the Cross there would be no shed blood, without the Resurrection there would be no victory, how thankful i am that i serve a risen Saviour, He is in the world today, hallelujah, what a Saviour.

i have had my mum with me for a couple of weeks, she had the 'flu, the real flu, not just a bad cold. my sisters were both on holiday in austrailia and one of them was hospitalised! mum is home from her travels in the states until early julyish - she is helping one sister through a painful divorce and the little sister is emigrating to austrailia in a few weeks, which i really great for her - it's something she has always dreamt about doing, but sad for those left behind. i am hoping that my lovely husband will treat us to a new computer with a webcam for when she has gone, to that end i have also created a facebook account, its quite a good way to share photos etc but not necessarily something i approve of. social networking seems to take the place, for many, of real friendships, i also wonder how good something can really be that is so popular and is it a good way for young people to be spending their time, wouldn't they be better serving the Lord and studying the things of God - and when i look at the way some professing christian young people dress, the music they listen to etc etc then i am more and more convinced that for all of us it should be less computer and more bible. i feel a bit of a rant coming on so i think i should stop.