Wednesday, August 17, 2011

About UFO's...............

Which in my case stands for UnFinished prOjects.

Since before our Lovely Daughter was born I have been creating a scrap quilt for her. It will look something like this
This isn't my quilt but rather an image of one I found on another blog I follow. The pattern is called 'tumbling blocks' - my dark diamonds are at the top, although I suppose if I turn the quilt around........

Anyway, I digress, as is my wont, my scrap quilt is still unfinished, and our daughter is now almost 21 and recently married :0

So, I thought I should make a real effort to finish the quilt before I embark on a wedding sampler for the happy couple (see previous post for an image of that I think). But, before I start another cross-stitch I should surely finish the one I am already working on.............a birth sampler for my 18 month old nephew. Then there are the projects on my waiting list, and a Buscilla Felt project for Christmas - last year I made a car, I have a gingerbread house for this year and if I want to finish it I really should make a start. Procrastination is my problem, my biggest fault in fact. Before I know what has happened I will have wasted a day doing not very much. This is something I would like to change. I must change. Wasting time is a terrible thing I think.


Ahh, I hear you cry dear reader, there is always a 'but' - and it's true, there often is. and my 'but' is this - what defines a waste of time? My guess is that what one person considers to be a waste of time another will consider to be time well spent.

For example. When on holiday (or indeed in every day life but I do have other things to do!!) one of my most favourite things is to sit in the shade and read a good book. I have spent many happy hours with our children and my mother in law sat in BebekPark, Istanbul
Me reading, my mother in law crocheting, the children swimming and catching fish (and in our son's case refusing cigarettes from well meaning local boys). For me time spent reading is never time wasted - reading is one of the greatest pleasures in life. But for my own mum a whole day reading - even on holiday - would be considered a waste of a day. She likes to be out and about, up and doing. So I wonder what other people consider to be time-wasting? Housework? - must be, the dust always comes back!!

Anyway, I have diamonds to stitch and fabric to find - I need some more scraps to complete the front, not too many I don't think. I have tried to follow the tradition of scrap quilting and used mostly odds and ends snaffled from my very crafty mum. Perhaps I will take a picture of the work so far.....