Friday, December 07, 2012

Freaky Friday.......

So, I have been up almost all night! Firstly I found myself taking part in some very interesting Christian/Muslim dialogue - something I always enjoy. Then, The Ginger One came downstairs looking very sorry for himself and clearly in a lot of pain - he has been complaining of pain for a couple of days and has been out of sorts for a few weeks. Being the sympathetic mother that I am I told him to take some paracetamol and see how it went!  To be fair the pain did appear to be getting worse, so, I rang NHS Direct - I don't know why, I have rung them before and it appears they always say the same thing 'You need to see your GP'. Anyway, whilst we waited for the nurse to call back the pain once again worsened. So, I ended up getting my husband to come and take The Ginger One down to A and E.

Since we now live in a metropolis there are no worries about whether the unit is open or if there will be a doctor on duty! Some hours later I received a text saying The Ginger One has three kidney stones which may have to be dealt with surgically. Now, if, like us, you are a fan of the TV show Friends, you will, no doubt, have the following words rattling around your brain -

"Mr. Tribbiani, I'm afraid you've got kidney stones." "Well, what else could it be?" "Kidney stones." "Or?" "Kidney stoooones!" 

Needless to say The Ginger One was feeling a lot better after being given some morphine and this morning the surgeon has said he needs a radioactive scan before probable surgery. At this point I would just like to give thanks for the NHS - what a wonderful institution and how blessed we are in the UK to have it!

On another note the BT engineer finally arrived, by this time I was asleep in the living room!

He carried out all the necessary checks and replaced some stuff - even though we have been problem free since Wednesday night, he thinks that the problem was in 'The Box' and has been rectified by different engineers - it seems that each area of our telecommunications industry works in a bubble unconnected to any other area!

So, now I am waiting for The Ginger One to arrive back home and finishing off my mind map from yesterday.

*waves goodbye* 

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Open University!

Well, my study materials have arrived.

*Great Excitement plus Huge Apprehension*

I would quite like these to be side by side, but I have no idea how to do that!

I have four text books, a study guide, four DVDs, one CD and some books containing illustrations. I have created a little study space for myself in what I euphemistically call our utility room - in fact it is a tiny annexe off the kitchen which already contains our fridge, washing machine, as set of drawers and, when he is at home, The Ginger One's very expensive bike. However my desk is under the window and I plan on getting one of those bird feeders that stick on the outside - we have a resident robin which is lovely. 

This afternoon I have been reading up on Contemporary Christian Music and the Tolerance Movement - I have created another mind map! When I have assimilated my thoughts and notes I will probably post on this somewhat divisive and controversial subject.

Going to read the Study Guide now.

*waves goodbye* 

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

The Common Cold

If it so common why hasn’t science come up with a cure yet?

The common cold is a dreadful thing – bound to cause untold misery for several days at least and likely to linger, in some form, for longer. Whether it is residual coughing, snuffling, deafness or cotton wool headedness, the effects of a cold seem to go on and on until the next one arrives. Much like buses, I suppose.

What I want to know is this – if a common cold really is that common and if it really isn’t that serious, which, let’s face it, it isn’t. Then why, oh why, hasn’t anyone found a cure or, even better I suppose, a vaccine. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am not one for taking loads of medicines etc but, a cold does make a person feel really rotten, and, in my not-so-humble opinion, it’s about time that the scientific community found a way to cure it rather than just mask the symptoms with an endless array of vile tasting hot lemon drinks and other potions.

I have been offline for almost a week now - my super fast, super reliable, never drops BT Infinity broadband isn't working, I seem to have been on the phone for hours, the engineer is *supposed* to be coming on Friday - after my original appointment was 'mysteriously' cancelled by 'somebody'. I hate how reliant we all are on the internet these days. It really is taking over the world - what would happen if someone pulled the plug I wonder.

Just sayin’.

*waves goodbye*