Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The re-purposed blog?

Well, it's a New Year - 2017 to be exact, thank goodness 2016 is over I hear you cry. All those dead celebs. The reason I mention the year is because I am basically a useless, intermittent blogger so the date is always useful - it allows judgy people to judge me and how useless I am at blogging.

Once again I have been ruminating, cogitating and generally mulling over a variety of things, some may call them issues, that is their privilege. These things include -

  • I am a hopeless blogger 
  • I want to be a great blogger
  • I love to crochet and might decide to start selling some of what I make
  • I hate going outside. Still.
  • I'm a terrible Christian
  • I'm not a very good student
  • I am an AMAZING procrastinator 

So, maybe by re-purposing my blog it might make me accountable, maybe then I will stop procrastinating and get on with the 'stuff' that is all around me.

The most important thing to stop procrastinating about is finding a church and going - actually, I found one, what I don't have is the courage to bite the bullet and go on my own. New church = terrifying, now why should that be? By definition, a church should be one of the least terrifying places on earth. But, y'know, I'm a Brit. Nuff said. I have some bible journaling stuff which I would like to use - but mainly I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the bits and pieces and I feel weird drawing in my bible. Writing all over the writing just seems a bit, well sacrilegious if I'm honest - even though it may look pretty. Then there is the nagging voice telling me I am a useless Christian, a hopeless artist so what is the point of even bothering?

The next thing is my life as a student. A few years ago I decided I would like to do a history degree with the OU and I am now on my second module of my second year, not going to lie, I love it, so interesting, the OU go the extra mile for anyone with issues and make it all as smooth and easy as possible. However, my Black Dog - I have realised - comes and sets up home in late November and doesn't leave until mid-January - maybe - and so this year, for the second time, I am way behind in my studies and think I will have to defer. Again. Which begs the question, should I just pack it in? Since I am at least half way through I don't really want to but there is that nagging voice telling me to be sensible and accept the fact that I am a failure as a student.

Which brings me to my crochet life - blankets, both of these are at my
mum's house.

 Unicorns, this one is for my daughter's bestie and is named Beryl, she goes with the giant squid I made last year named Cyril.

One of a number of Elves I made in December 2016, I made about 12 altogether and apparently people would like to buy them, which is all a bit embarrassing.

I made this blanket for my daughter, it's cotton and weighs a ton, she chose the colours, the pattern was in a Simply Crochet supplement - I'm not bragging or anything, but this photo got ALOT of positive attention when posted on social media, loads of lovely comments and sharing. Felt a bit chuffed and I'm not even lying!!!

But then there is that nagging voice telling me my crochet isn't that good, my joining is pants and I should just stop being so up myself.

So, if I 're-purpose' my blog will it help? Will it make me more focused and less of a procrastinator? I have no idea but I think I'll give it a go.

My plan for today is to come back tomorrow with news about bible journaling, more unicorns and a blanket that I can't share as it's a gift.